Designer Spotlight:Clea Hayes

In the Spotlight: Clea Hayes
Tiger Mountain
Made by hand using traditional techniques, worldly designer Clea Hayes channels meditated simplicity with her line of striking sterling silver and gemstone designs. Take advantage of our exclusive sale and evoke Tiger Mountain’s earthy elegance with a little Asian finesse.
In a world where seemingly everything is made by machine, Clea Hayes’ premium collection of handmade treasures is like a breath of fresh air.

  • Mallory Ring

    Mallory Ring
    Tiger Mountain
  • Thandi Earrings

    Thandi Earrings
    Tiger Mountain
  • Devyn Bangle

    Devyn Bangle
    Tiger Mountain
  • Mandi Ring

    Mandi Ring
    Tiger Mountain
  • Ginzi Ring

    Ginzi Ring
    Tiger Mountain
    Order the Ginzi Ring today and save 15$ off by using coupon code Z267RHWZQQ
  • Emery Studs

    Emery Studs
    Tiger Mountain
  • Princess Ring

    Princess Ring
    Tiger Mountain
  • Kiera Pendant

    Kiera Pendant
    Tiger Mountain
  • Sinead Ring

    Sinead Ring
    Tiger Mountain

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