Petal Perfect Jewels

Petal Perfect
All Things Floral
Sale ends 08/15
The floral jewelry trend is in full bloom, and we’ve got petal perfect stunners to pair with your summer whites. How will you adorn yourself in flower motifs and bright bouquets this season?
Even if your style isn’t exclusively feminine and romantic, a flower-inspired bauble might be the perfect unexpected addition to your jewelry mix.

  • Charlotte Cuff

    Charlotte Cuff
    ZAD Designs
  • Lulu Necklace

    Lulu Necklace
    KL Collection
  • Ella Necklace

    Ella Necklace
    KL Collection
  • Dahlia Gold

    Dahlia Gold
    KL Collection
  • Dahlia Silver

    Dahlia Silver
    KL Collection
  • Gracie Earrings

    Gracie Earrings
    KL Collection
  • Zora Earrings

    Zora Earrings
    ZAD Designs
  • Flora Earrings

    Flora Earrings
  • Claire Bracelet

    Claire Bracelet
    KL Collection
  • Poppie Necklace

    Poppie Necklace
    Wednesday by Nolan Jewelry
  • Leila Earrings

    Leila Earrings
    GAB + COS Designs
  • Ceri Cuff

    Ceri Cuff
    Lara Hennessey

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