Cuff Love: The Classic Cuff Bracelet

We’re Giving You Some Cuff Love!
Sale ends 08/13 Shop Now by visiting Urban Expressions Boutique
The classic cuff bracelet has been popular for centuries, tracing back to the Egyptians and Ancient Greeks. And it’s no surprise that these styles were so symbolic and worn to represent status. They’re lustrous and unique and today, they can be found on the runway and on the wrists of celebrities! How could you resist such an infinite trend?
Pair a lavish gold cuff with an all white ensemble to add some sophisticated character and elegant edge.

  • Kara Black

    Kara Black
    Classic Keepsakes
  • Kara Gold

    Kara Gold
    Classic Keepsakes
    Only $45 Shop Now get the Kara Gold Cuff for only 30$ by using coupon code T5HSCBGLLM
  • Allyson Cuff

    Allyson Cuff
    Classic Keepsakes
  • Raina Cuff

    Raina Cuff
    Classic Keepsakes
  • Aubrey Cuff

    Aubrey Cuff
    Classic Keepsakes
  • Dita Cuff

    Dita Cuff
    Classic Keepsakes
    Now Only $45  Orginally $49
  • Cheryl Cuff

    Cheryl Cuff
    Classic Keepsakes
  • Sara Cuff

    Sara Cuff
    KL Collection
  • Lyndsay Cuff

    Lyndsay Cuff
    Karine Sultan
    Now $90  Originally $125
  • Olivia Gold

    Olivia Gold
    Karine Sultan
  • Kelwin Cuff

    Kelwin Cuff
    KL Collection
  • Louisa Cuff

    Louisa Cuff
    W/A Studios

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