Go Bold with Black & Gold

Trend Spotting: Black & Gold
Go Bold with Black & Gold
Sale ends 07/05
Who said you had to go bright to go brilliant? Ground vivid hues in deep black shades, refine your palette with a warm metal sheen, and make one bold statement.
When you go black & gold, you either go big or super-subtle. Check out the Style Hub to see how the Kitsy Lane team transforms this trend…

  • Carmine Bib

    Carmine Bib
    KL Collection
  • Blythe Black

    Blythe Black
    KL Collection
  • Charlotte Necklace

    Charlotte Necklace
    House of KL
  • Mary Black

    Mary Black
    Hard Couture
  • Felina Ring

    Felina Ring
    House of KL
  • Ellie Black

    Ellie Black
    ZAD Designs
  • Allyson Ring

    Allyson Ring
    House of KL
  • Gloree Bracelet

    Gloree Bracelet
    Be-Je Designs
  • Brandi Gold

    Brandi Gold
    KL Collection
  • Dagmar Earrings

    Dagmar Earrings
  • Natalie Lariat

    Natalie Lariat
    KL Collection
  • Lydia Black

    Lydia Black
    Adia Kibur
    To order any of the above items visit Urban Expressions Boutique
    Use coupon code JBQKQ43TJK To save 15$ off of a 50$ purchase.

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