Color Story: Moonstones & Pearls

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Color Story: Pearl
Precious Pearls
Sale ends 06/13
Polished & pristine, yet organic. Tenderly sweet, yet utterly romantic. Classically elegant, yet ever-new. Treat the Birthday Girl to a look that never grows old with these pearl treasures.
There are so many ways to wear pearls, we couldn’t begin to name them all—from light, lacy flounce to little black dresses to layers of silver chains to vintage hairnets to …
  • Audrey Quartz

    Audrey Quartz
    House of KL
  • Eloise Clip

    Eloise Clip
    House of KL
  • Lydia Rings

    Lydia Rings
    House of KL
  • Clemence Earrings

    Clemence Earrings
    La Vie Parisienne
  • Vera Pearl

    Vera Pearl
    House of KL
  • Galina Earrings

    Galina Earrings
    House of KL
  • Ophelia Bracelet

    Ophelia Bracelet
    GAB + COS Designs
  • Bella Headpiece

    Bella Headpiece
    Vanessa Mooney
  • Cheryl Studs

    Cheryl Studs
    House of KL
  • Jezebel Pearl

    Jezebel Pearl
    House of KL
  • Nelly Earrings

    Nelly Earrings
    House of KL
  • Jamie Bracelet

    Jamie Bracelet
    KL Collection

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