Fathers Day Gift Guide

Our Guy’s Gift Guide
Sale ends 06/11
Father’s Day gifting got you stumped?
Check out our Gift Guide! We’ve compiled our favorite men’s accessories and an assortment of Father’s Day fashions—so you can find the perfect style for your Dad (or uncle, husband, boyfriend, brother, best friend, or all-around Best Man).
What’s new? Take a look …

  • Luke Necklace

    Luke Necklace
    House of KL
  • George Ring

    George Ring
    House of KL
  • Douglas Bracelet

    Douglas Bracelet
    House of KL
  • Doug Necklace

    Doug Necklace
    House of KL
  • Dana Ring

    Dana Ring
    House of KL
  • Brandon Necklace

    Brandon Necklace
    House of KL
  • Dustin Necklace

    Dustin Necklace
    House of KL
  • Joey Bracelet

    Joey Bracelet
    House of KL
  • Jackie Bracelet

    Jackie Bracelet
    House of KL
  • Derrick Ring

    Derrick Ring
    House of KL
  • Rory Ring

    Rory Ring
    House of KL
  • Enrique Ring

    Enrique Ring
    House of KL
    To order visit Urban Expressions Boutique or call 314696-2555.
    Have a great day!

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