Ear Candy:Oprah Earrings


The Oprah Earrings are crafted of light weight acrylic in shapes inspired by antique fabric and wallpaper patterns.
– Acrylic
– 2/3″ long; 3/4″ wide
– French Wire, sterling silver

Only 16$ to order the Oprah Earrings click here.

Felicia Fucshia Cuff

Felicia Teal Cuff

Vines are a perennial favorite – and the flash of fuschia or teal in the Felicia cuff’s  makes for a vibrant addition to any casual ensemble.
– Brass, handmade paper, resin
– 1 1/5″ wide

Only 46$

To order the fuschia cuff click here

To order the teal cuff click here

– Adjustable fit


A long necklace with a sparkling pendant will bring a glow to any outfit. The smokey gray crystals grow translucent in sunlight and the studded silver chain adds to the glamour.
– Silver, crystal
– 2″ diameter pendant
– 32″ length chain, can be doubled to 16″ chain
– Lobster claw closure

Only 38$ to order the Melonee Necklace click here


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