Do you wanna get funky with me?

The funky fresh Trina bracelet is ready to electrify your wrist ladies. 

The Trina gold bow bracelet has a sleek, minimal appeal. Wear this with just about any outfit and you will be perfectly accessorized. 
– Leather, goldtone metal
– 7″ long
– Hidden box closure

Item # BLU40001069

 Trina Bracelet

Ladies don’t leave that beautiful wrist naked buy your TRINA BRACELET NOW!

Check out the Calvin Bracelet, its simple and sexxy and the perfect piece for a man’s wrist. 

Calvin Bracelet

The fluid texture of the Calvin Bracelet is only one of the features you’ll love! You’ll also love the combination of stainless steel and rugged black rubber that make this bracelet a classic menswear staple.
– Stainless steel, rubber
– 1/2″wide
– Hinge closure

Item # AAB41001005

Order your Calvin bracelet and save 25$ off your purchase by using coupon code 392RG5B2HR.

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